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  • Trojan Minor Planets

    At the present time, these lists of Trojan minor planets contain entries for a total of 6311 objects. More specifically, 1 Earth Trojan, 4 Mars Trojans, 6288 Jupiter Trojans, 1 Uranus Trojan and 17 Neptune Trojans.

    The lists are available in two forms: as sortable tables; and as plain ASCII.

    For Earth, Mars and Uranus, the listed objects are only those that have been confirmed as Trojans by long-term integrations. For the other planets, the objects are selected automatically using cuts in osculating element space. This latter approach is not 100 percent reliable. If we are missing any Trojans for Earth or Mars, or if we are listing non-Trojans for the other planets, please use this feedback form to alert us. Please ensure that you give a reference to a relevant paper in the astronomical literature (an ADS bibcode is sufficient) that supports your claim.